MediaProSoft Free Video to MP4 Converter

MediaProSoft Free Video to MP4 Converter 7.9

A practical conversion tool that produces video files for your portable devices
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This is a simple yet powerful video converter designed specifically to convert your video files into formats that are compatible with portable devices. However, it can be used as a general video converter, and as an audio converter, too. It supports media conversion in batch mode, and supports practically all known popular audio and video formats.

Its friendly and minimalist user interface makes it a very easy-to-use tool. It behaves like a wizard, and it allows you to complete the conversion process in two simple steps. On the first step, you can add all your source audio and video files to the conversion list, which will display the files together with their duration, original bit rate and size, and a thumbnail. You can then change their conversion order, delete any of them or simply clear your entire list using the provided buttons. However, the program does not include its own preview area - as most video converters do - and it does not even provide basic video editing functions either. The provided “Play” button allows you to watch your selected video using your system’s default media player (e.g., Windows Media Player).

On the second step, you can choose a category, a target format, and some other options. The available categories are video, devices, and audio. According to the category you choose, the available target formats will vary, as well as the available presets for each format. For instance, for the "video" category, the target formats are - among others - AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, WMV, MOV, and 3GP, and the presents for the AVI format include several options for HD video, normal video, BlackBerry, Creative Zen, video for YouTube, etc. Every option is listed with its video and audio codecs, bit rates and resolution, when available. Unfortunately, the program does not allow you to configure any of the advanced parameters individually to create a customized output configuration.

Finally, you can change the default output folder with one of your choice, and start the conversion process, which - in general terms - is quick and produces high-quality results, according to the preset values used. Therefore, I would say this is a very good video converter, as long as you do not need to configure the advanced parameters of the available presets or make use of any video editing functions.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly and minimalist user interface
  • Behaves like a wizard
  • Can be used as an audio converter
  • Supports almost all known audio and video formats
  • The conversion process is fast and produces high-quality results


  • Does not allow you to configure each advanced output parameter individually
  • Does not include a preview area
  • Lacks even the most basic video editing functions
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